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Sales Tax Information for Guests

  • What sales tax do I pay when I purchase from Amway or an Independent Business Owner (IBO)?

    You pay sales tax based on the suggested retail price and the location where you receive the products.

    • If you have products shipped to you, you pay the sales tax in effect where they are shipped to.
    • If you pick up products at another IBO location, you pay the tax rate in effect at that location.
    • If you pick up products at the warehouse, you pay the tax rate in effect at the warehouse location.
  • Amway Canada Corporation collects GST/HST using the Alternate Collection Method for Direct Sellers. IBOs agree to be bound by this agreement (Section 178.1 of the Excise Tax Act) and all related rules and procedures. Under the terms of this agreement, Amway Canada collects the GST/HST Tax on the suggested retail price of the taxable products and remits it on the IBOs behalf.

  • Amway Dominican Republic operates under the Dominican Republic’s valued-added tax (VAT) system, known as ITBIS (Impuesto a la Transferencia de Bienes Industrializados y Servicios.) In compliance with this system, IBOs add the ITBIS to the price of their Amway products. This tax is collected from customers at the point of sale. IBOs are responsible for reporting and paying this collected tax to the government.

    As Independent Business Owners (IBOs) associated with Amway Dominican Republic, IBOs acknowledge and agree to adhere to the ITBIS regulations as stipulated under the Dominican tax laws. This ensures all tax obligations are fulfilled in accordance with the current tax legislation in the Dominican Republic.