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Return Status Definitions

Awaiting Return

The return request has been submitted and we are waiting to receive the returned goods in our return processing center. The refund has not yet been processed and the return can be edited or cancelled.


The returned goods have been marked as received in our return processing center.


The refund or replacement is being processed. 


The return is complete; refund has been processed or the replacement order has been shipped. 


The return has been canceled.

Payment Reversal

This status will appear after you click on Manual Refund and before you click on Refresh. This status indicates the reversing of the funds has been initiated but not completed.

Refund Process

Whenever possible, a refund will be issued to the original method of payment.

If there is an Accounts Receivable (AR) balance (IBO owes Amway funds), the refund will be applied to the AR balance first, then any remaining amount will be sent to the original method of payment on the order.

In Dominican Republic, the entire amount of the refund is always applied to the AR account.