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Product Information

At Amway™ we strive to provide comprehensive details about the ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing processes of our products. For the latest and most accurate information about our products, please visit the product page of the item you are interested in. If you need recommendations for products based on your lifestyle, please take our assessment available for the US, Canada, and the Dominican Republic

  1. You can explore Amway products with various menus located at the top of the homepage:
    • Use the “Shop Products” menu to explore products by category.
    • Use the “Shop By Need” menu to find products that fit your needs.
    • Use the “Discover” menu to learn more about Amway products through helpful articles.
    • Use the Search Bar in the top right corner to search for products by name
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the tab that you want more information about.
    • Product Details
    • Ingredients
    • Certifications
    • FAQs
    • Use Instructions
    • Resources

NOTE: If your inquiry is based on a medical condition, please copy the label information located under the Nutritional Information when viewing the product. This information can be provided to your medical professional to assist in determining your use of the product.