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Re-Registration Guidelines

Who can request Re-Registration?

  • Only applicants or co-applicants on the account can request re-registration.
  • Sponsoring IBOs, Business Managers and Cashiers CANNOT re-register on behalf of applicants.

Requirements for Re-Registration

  • If there is more than one person on the business, the primary applicant must have an established Amway ID for re-registration.
  • IBOs who re-register are starting their business from scratch, with no downlines or customers.
  • If the IBO chooses to re-register, their former downline IBOs and Customers will typically stay with the next IBO in the LOS. The IBO may submit a written request to Business Conduct and Rules (bcr@amway.com) for consideration to have their group reinstated after being reclassed.
  • Refer to our Criteria Based Reclassification document for more information.
  • Re-registration is complete when the primary applicant electronically signs the online contract.

Feel free to reach out to Customer Service if you have any questions or need further assistance.